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Data First Approach for Comprehensive Cyber Fortification

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Glyntworks is the process of combining Glynt’s Data and Application Practice with our Consulting and Advisory Services, to provide comprehensive data-insightful decision making.

Recently Experienced a Cyber-Event?

Created in partnership with a leading Cyber Security Remediation firm,
Glyntworks provides post cyber-event fortification and environmental optimization services.

Through our process, we develop an application- and data-level understanding of your environment, and deliver a comprehensive solution for the selection, deployment and management of technology.

Environmental Data Assessment

Compliance and Regulation

Security and Response Policies and Procedures


Solutions and Services

Procurement Guidance

Partner Ecosystem


Implementation and Deployment Services


Outsourced Solution Management

Journey to Cyber Fortification

Designed to support both SMB's through Commercial Enterprises, our methodology results is an end-to-end data-driven and application level understanding of your environment, helping your businesses establish cyber resilience while ensuring compliance, security and business continuity at the data level.  
Environmental Data Assessment

Application- and data-level blueprint of your environment, offering a comprehensive solution for the selection, deployment and management of technology.

Holistic Data Management
Optimization Roadmap
Fortified Security Posture
Monitor and Alert Services


Comprehensive managed detection and response solution, powerfully protecting endpoints, networks, and cloud services from one platform.

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With a combined 40+ years of industry experience, backed by a team of Engineers, Architects and Developers, Glynt works with companies across all verticals and sizes, developing solutions and supporting all types of environments.

For more information on how we can help your business, please reach out below.
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